Algo HackJam

13 June - 8 July 2022


Welcome to Algo HackJam

In the realm of blockchain and everything Web3, we’re seeing big shifts happening constantly.

Thousands of innovators work every day to redefine the path of Web3. And we’re thrilled to know that the next big thing could be from you. It could be your first or tenth blockchain project, and we at Algo HackJam want to be there to witness your project ideas come to life.

Create a project that interacts with DeFi, NFTs, or decentralized gaming on the Algorand blockchain infrastructure. Plus, get the chance to win from a prize pool of 30,500 ALGO tokens and build meaningful connections along the way.

We can’t wait to see what you build. It’s time – let’s hack on.

Challenge Statement

What can you build? Let’s get you started with some ideas below:



This one’s for everyone new to the space – If you’re looking to contribute any idea to the ecosystem by proposing ideas that Algorand can adopt in the future, you’re at the right place. So if you’re looking to learn about the Algorand ecosystem, understand the basic infrastructure of the blockchain, or just contribute the next cool project idea for the chain then this is the track for you.

Put forward your best idea and stand a chance to get the opportunity to attend an Algorand Foundation-organised developer event in September! P.S. Flights & accommodations are paid for.

*Project submissions to follow Submission Artefacts found in Participant’s Guide.



The open hack of this hackathon with a focus on DeFi, this track encourages hackers to tap into their creativity and explore project ideas to accelerate the development of a next-generation DeFi ecosystem. Here are some project ideas/applications you can build to get you started:

• A Lending/Borrowing Platform          • DeFi



You asked and we heard. This one’s for all the professionals who’s been in the game for a while now – this is your chance to build something revolving around GameFi dApps. GameFi has a lot of domains that developers can explore and there’s no better time to venture into it than now. Metaverse games, Gaming NFTs, Gaming DAOs or play-to-earn (P2E) games – you name it, you build it.


A total of 30,500 ALGO tokens to be won.

01 Novice

Prize Pool:

10,000 Algo

  • 500 ALGO awarded to each selected project
  • Additional 1000 ALGO for project submissions with demos
  • The best project will have an opportunity to travel to a developer event organised by Algorand Foundation Grants Program, with flights and accommodation fully paid for.

02 Amateur

Prize Pool:

10,000 Algo

4 different winners – 2,500 ALGO for each team

03 Veteran

Prize Pool:

10,500 Algo

3 different winners – 3,500 ALGO for each team

Hackathon Schedule

Pre-Hackathon Community Event: Algorand’s Perspective
June 10, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Welcome to Algo HackJam!
June 13, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Virtual Networking & Team Formation
June 13, 2022

2 PM GMT | 10:00PM SGT

BUIDL a Reach DApp in an Hour or Less
June 15, 2022

3 PM GMT | 11:00PM SGT

Meet Google, Tatum and QuickNode!
June 20, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
June 20, 2022

2 PM GMT | 10:00PM SGT

Technical Workshop #3
June 22, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
June 22, 2022

2 PM GMT | 10:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
June 27, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
June 29, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
July 4, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Mentor Office Hours
July 6, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT

Submission Deadline
July 8, 2022

3:55 PM GMT 11:55 PM SGT

Judging Period
July 11 - 15, 2022
Algo HackJam Closing Ceremony
July 21, 2022

1 PM GMT | 9:00PM SGT


Meet our esteemed panel of judges:

Addie Wagenknecht

Head of Web3, Algorand Foundation

Matthew Keller

Director of Impact and Inclusion, Algorand Foundation

Piergiacomo Palmisani

Ecosystem Development Manager, Algorand Foundation

Ryan Terribilini

Head of Ecosystem Funding, Algorand Foundation

Shamir Ozery

Head of Web3, Algorand Foundation


At Algo HackJam, you'll have the support of a pool of experts, mentors, and other community members who want to help you build something stellar.

Vilijan Monev

Founder, Asalytic BV

Filip Rezabek

PhD Candidate, Technical University of Munich

Damian Barabonkov

Computer Scientist

Anmol Sahoo

Graduate Student, Purdue University

Mohammad Ghiasi

Dev Champion, Algorand DevAM


Johanna Moran

Head of Dev Outreach Programs

JP Miller

Director of Learning at Reach

Hilda Poh

Customer Engineer at Google Cloud

Samuel Sramko

CTO & CoFounder at Tatum

Sahil Sen

Developer Evangelist at QuickNode

Ryan R. Fox

Developer Advocate at Algorand

Judging Criteria

Our judges will grade submissions across 6 equally-weighted categories:

Impact & Usefulness

How impactful and useful the submission is in the Algorand ecosystem as a whole?

Technical Difficulty

What is the level of skill or knowledge required to build the submission?


How clear or easily understood the documentation, examples, and pitch video is.

Originality, Creativity, and Innovation

How new and novel the submission is versus existing technologies?

Mass Usability

How feasible is the idea? How adaptable is it across other integrations?

Team Diversity

How diverse are the team’s skillsets? What is the quality of the team formation?


Learn how to get started building on Algorand.


  1. Join the AngelHack Discord Server and verify yourself on the server to receive updates and connect with the rest of the hacker community.
  2. Go through the Hacker’s Checklist (found in Participant’s Guide).
  3. Familiarize yourself with the technology by taking a look through the resources.
  4. Attend the community sessions during the pre-hackathon and hacking period.
  5. Start forming your hack teams! Take a look at the Hackers’ Directors (found in Participant’s Guide) page for more information.
    • If you are not with a team yet, head into the Free Agents’ Portal, update your profile and start teaming up with other Free Agents.
    • If you are forming or joining a team, or have decided to hack solo, register your team via our Free Agents Portal and update your team’s profile over at the Teams’ Directory Portal.

This event is open to all!

Whether you’re an experienced blockchain or non-blockchain developer, want to learn more about building on/for Algorand, or are entirely new to the Web3 space, we welcome you!

As long as you are a legitimate citizen who is not within our list of ineligible countries, with an internet connection and are 18 years old and above. Please refer to the eligibility restrictions section on the Participation Agreement.

Yes! We want anyone with ideas or the passion to innovate to participate. Teams will however need at least one individual who can build/code a prototype as a code artefact is required for project submission.

The minimum number of participants in a team is 1, while the maximum number is 4.

Teams are recommended to be formed within your own locations & time zones to avoid time zone fatigue but this is not mandatory. You can choose to join a team located in another time zone as well.

View our detailed Team Registration Guide (found in Participant’s Guide).

Yes! Only registered individuals are eligible to participate and collect the prizes. Please ensure that all members of your team have registered their teams accordingly as well.